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Gym Classes

C&M Play Studio offers all members a chance to play in our gym area! Each class has 30 minutes of gym time during the day. Our teachers include gym time in their lesson planning to offer children a variety of skills and abilities such as social skills, cognitive, gross motor, teamwork, confidence, physical development and so much more! We have two gym areas, a big gym and a baby gym! Our baby gym is for all infants and ones and our big gym is for twos and up! 
At C&M Play Studio, we don’t think young children should have to choose just one activity, which is why we like to bring in outside programs to join us in gym classes! This is great because it gives children the chance to discover something new, allows children to develop many skills that transfer, and provides different learning opportunities. 


Playground/Play Yard

Just like our gym, each classroom has 30 minutes of outside play on either our playground or in our play yard! Our big kids (ages 3+) get a chance to run around on the playground, and our younger students have an entire outdoor play yard to themselves! 

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