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The C&M AHpproach Curriculum

The very talented teachers at C&M have worked tirelessly to provide their students a curriculum that highlights the important areas of development through environmental exploration and play.  Here at C&M, we have created our own curriculum to ensure that students are getting the most well-rounded experience while they are with us.  Our curriculum focuses on social and emotional learning through teacher led and peer discussions during all activities by providing talking points for all activities.  We have divided our curriculum into four different, overlapping age groups to put developmental needs of the individual child at the forefront of our mission.


The infant curriculum is for infants ages zero to 15 months old. The primary development for young infants are motivated by their search for a sense of security while mobile infants development primarily revolves around discovery. 

Feelings of comfort and security are the critical components of maternal-infant bonding, which leads to healthy psychosocial development. 

Babies and infants are also being introduced to social skills. Just talk to them like you would anyone else. Even though they may not understand what you are saying, they are learning to be social by interacting with your words.

Each week we teach our students a new word in sign language.  This program has helped us communicate with all children, not just those who are able to speak.  One of our main goals is to remain inclusive and we see a lot of children who are non-verbal, English language learners, and littles who are still learning to speak.  Sign language has become a tool to bridge the gap between those who can communicate with words and those who cannot.  We have become so thankful for this tool as it has opened doors for children who were struggling so badly before.  Below you will find the list of the words we teach our students each year, including the most important words for basic communication.

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