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Cultural Program

One of our infant teachers has decided to help us educate our students on all the different cultural events and holidays that go on all around the world each day. Miss Meagan has put together resources and activities to go with our curriculum for our teachers to highlight the importance of cultural representation and appreciation.

Miss Meagan is so passionate and excited about this project: "Inclusion and representation have always been super important to me as part of the LGBTQ community [because of] not having a lot of representation growing up. My goal with this addition is to make sure every person, child or adult, feels seen, acknowledged, and included."

Inclusion and representation are important values here at C&M so we are so excited to implement this new program. Keep an eye out for our "what's to come at C&M" Sunday evening posts to know ahead of time which culture will be highlighted that week or month! We can't wait to show you all the great things our students will be learning. Thank you Miss Meagan!

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