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Communication at C&M

Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit the program any time during regular program hours. Our team will always do their best to speak with parents/guardians. Since staff days are devoted to the caring of children, it may not be feasible to have a long discussion during regular hours. If a situation requires a more in-depth conversation, feel free to set up an appointment with a teacher or with any Leadership Team members.

Parent Engagement with Brightwheel

At C&M Play Studio, we make communication with parents and families easiest by using the Brightwheel app. Brightwheel is a childcare centered app where our teachers can just do just about anything, and let you know about your child's day! 


Brightwheel makes it easy to communicate with our parents in real-time! You can "text" us about anything and stay up to date on your child's day! 

Direct Messages

For more personal messaging, you can create a direct message to send to our Leadership team! This will keep your information confidential and private without any staff involved. 


To see real-time events in your child's day, take a look at the photo to the right! Those are all the activities that our teachers can add in for each child. You may see the activities and lessons that teachers are doing each day with pictures and videos! Our teachers will also log any naps, bottles, food, potties, medication and more!

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