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Behavior Support

We are passionate about the development of the whole child and would like to put more emphasis on social and emotional development to build resilience in the early years. We have created a behavioral team that will ensure all students are supported in their individual and unique ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Catching developmental needs early

  • Teaching and implementing coping mechanisms

  • Providing extra support to reduce teacher turnover

  • Developing and offering parent workshops and resources

  • Providing in-house assessments to gather data as early as possible (the earlier we gather the data, the faster we can implement modifications and adaptations)

  • Individualizing education for all our students

  • Creating a least restrictive environment by including those with special needs within the general education classroom

  • Using empathetic and trauma informed practices within the classroom

  • Teaching children about equity while they are young

  • Highlighting the importance of early intervention and wraparound services

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We have been forming a relationship with Familylinks, an early childhood and wraparound service provider in our area, for quite some time now and have finally come to the final steps to have an on-site IBHS therapy team for our students!  Kathryn, our Behavior Support Specialist, has been working with Familylinks for about a year and was blown away by their hands-on therapists and approaches to working with children. Kathryn does a great job supporting our teachers and students with exceptionalities but sometimes could use some support of her own, enter: Familylinks. 

We are so excited to announce that they will have a therapist presence in our center on a consistent basis for those that need some extra one on one time or a different format of lesson instruction.

Their goals and values are very similar to ours:

  • We genuinely care about others

  • We communicate openly and respectfully

  • We celebrate success

  • We embrace change

  • We are committed and accountable

  • We collaborate

Behavior Support at C&M

Kathryn Lucia

Behavior Support & Community Outreach Director

My name is Kathryn Lucia and I am the Trainer and Community Outreach Director at Reshaping the Village.  I started my journey in special education 7+ years ago when I joined the early education field.  I truly found a passion for helping children with exceptionalities through my work as an Education Supervisor at C&M Play Studio.  I have my Associates degree in early childhood education and development and am certified in infant mental health, both from CCAC.  I plan to return to PennWest California to pursue my Bachelor's degree in post secondary education and a Master's in special education so I can assist in writing IEPs and help our students continue to thrive.


I have a passion for teaching adults and caregivers in developmentally appropriate and empathy driven practices.  Helping adults learn can transcend generations!  As Training and Community Outreach Director, I plan to create programs and resources for families and educators to better understand children with special needs and how to set them up for success. 

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