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C&M Play Studio Mission:

At C&M Play Studio we provide high quality early learning, a fun environment, and a variety of options and events to include the whole family. Our promise to you is to meet the needs of today's hectic schedules while offering a sense of family, community, comfort and safety to each and every family. 

Be you. Be kind. 

Show respect to everyone. 

Be authentic but professional. 

Think outside the box. 

No two people are the same. 

Teaching children independence, life skills and how to be a good human is just as importance as academics. 

Never forget the importance of parents trusting us with their children. 

C&M has been built on inclusion and diversity, making a point to invite and accommodate all needs of children and families. At C&M, we celebrate one another's differences and make every effort to represent all groups and their entire community, no matter who comes through our doors. 

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