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Full Time Hours

Monday: 7 am - 6pm

Tuesday:7 am - 6pm

Wednesday:7 am - 6pm

Thursday:7 am - 6pm

Friday:7 am - 6pm


$210/week - 2 days per week

$265/week - 3 days per week

$410/week - 5 days per week

*sibling discount is approximately 5%. 

Our toddlers are learning communication skills as they handle big emotions.  Our focus in the toddler rooms is to help children learn valuable self regulation and coping skills that they will carry with them to future classrooms and experiences.  We are working with our toddlers daily to set the foundation for a positive learning experience so they are able to face any challenges future schooling may hold.  Our fun, hands on, playful learning opportunities will captivate their interest while introducing a variety of new skills and perfecting the old.  Come take a look at one of our toddler rooms today!

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