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Your Complete Childcare Business!

Your Complete Childcare Business!


Our Complete Childcare Business contains everything you need to know from the time the idea of owning your own center comes to your mind, your business plan, your leadership style, programs you offer to how to market your center. 
This includes EVERYTHING! Inside this zip file you will find all of our workbooks, our full curriculum, themed curriculum, and each guide. 
The Childcare Guides include:
(Your Business Guide, Your Leadership Guide, Your Program Guide, Your Marketing Guide) 
Setting your Intentions
Understanding Regulations
Capacity and Income Worksheets
Your entire Business Plan
First Year Mistakes
Choosing the right Directors
GAP Model
Q12 Review
Creating Values
Tough Parents
Lessons of Leadership
Hiring and Choosing the right Teachers
Onboarding and Training
Employee Handbook
Performance Reviews
Meet the Teachers
Employee page and File Checklist
Our Leadership Team
Recommended Books
Designing your Classrooms
Bulletin Board
Parent Teacher Conferences
Assessments & Milestones
Monthly Activity Calendar
Classroom Cleaning Checklists
Supply Lists
Lesson Plan Templates
Children who Need More Support
DHS Regulations and Safety Walks
Child File Checklists
Extra Activities
Sensory Bins
Our Leadership Team
Family Handbook
Marketing Schedule
Branding your Center
Marketing Plan
Ongoing vs Introductory Marketing
Planning your Content
Social Media Campaigns
Creating your Childcare Website
Website Additions
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum sections included: 
(over 800 lessons for all age groups! The C&M AHpproach Infant Curriculum, Toddler Curriculum, Preschool Curriculum, Pre-K Curriculum, Themed Lessons)
How to use our Curriculum
Supply Lists
Morning Meetings
Back Pocket Activities
Schedules and Visuals
Sign Language
Infant Curriculum Overview
Infant Lesson Plans
Developmental Milestones for Infants
Language Lessons for Infants
Physical Lessons for Infants
Sensory Lessons for Infants
Toddler Curriculum Overview
Toddler Lesson Plans
Developmental Milestones for Toddlers
Language Lessons for Toddlers
Physical Lessons for Toddlers
Sensory Lessons for Toddlers
Small Group Lessons for Toddlers
Preschool Curriculum Overview
Preschool Lesson Plans
Developmental Milestones for Preschool
Language Lessons for Preschool
Physical Lessons for Preschool
Sensory Lessons for Preschool
Small Group Lessons for Preschool
Pre-K Curriculum Overview
Pre-K Lesson Plans
Developmental Milestones for Pre-K
Language Lessons for Pre-K
Physical Lessons for Pre-K
Sensory Lessons for Pre-K
Small Group Lessons for Pre-K
The Workbooks Included:
Behavior Workbooks (Green, Yellow & Red Behaviors) 
Trauma Workbook
Teacher Mental Health Workbook
Employee Training Workbook
Social & Emotional Learning Workbook
Diversity Workbook 
Sensory Workbook

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