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The Start

November 2nd of 2020, I opened the doors to C&M Play Studio. For 3 years I worked to create this 10,000 sq ft childcare facility. I have kiddos from newborn through preschool. I am extremely proud of the community I have started and thankful for the people who have helped make it a success. In September, we opened four more classrooms which makes the current total 11. I am currently in the process of expanding AGAIN and opening C&M Prep for Preschool. Between both companies, I will have 18 classrooms, more than 50 staff, more than 20,000 sq feet, and more than 400 students.

Would you like to know how difficult it is to create a business this size….as a woman…while raising two toddlers…while battling an autoimmune disorder…during a pandemic? So. Freaking.

Hard. But I hope that I am proof that if you decide to push all excuses to the side and put in the work, you truly can accomplish anything you want. My biggest piece of advice is to surround yourself with the right people and know your values. You will need both of those things to fall back on when things get difficult.

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