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Dirty Laundry

I am no one special. In fact, I am probably more of a hot mess than most.

Funny story actually; I was asked to do a fun exercise by one of my coworkers to describe myself in 3 words. I chose “Authentic, Badass, and Hot mess” they all laughed and said I was not a hot mess, but rather a lukewarm mess, because I semi had my sh*t together. In reality, I run mostly on coffee and sarcasm and make mistakes daily. Despite this, I have somehow managed to create a very successful business. I have managed to maintain this empire all while raising my two young children and having my colon trying to murder me. This inspired me to do a tell all so to speak.

Why do I feel compelled to tell my story? Why do I feel the need to air my dirty laundry on the internet? If even a single person relates to even one of my stories, then I consider it to be successful. My goal is to make others feel a little less alone in this crazy world and give a space for others to share their story. Not everyone has the courage to air out their lives, but maybe reading or relating to mine, will make someone feel a little less alone.

Being a wife, mother of two, female business owner, ulcerative colitis survivor, and caring for over 200 children each week has given me a lot of stories, lessons, and a whole lot of dirty laundry.

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