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During the early childhood years, it is crucial to have proper training and guidance for teachers on developmentally appropriate practices.  As educators, we know that adverse childhood experiences, special needs and disabilities, or a combination of both can create chaos in a young child’s world. Our goal is to help that chaos stop at the threshold of a classroom door. We want to support teachers and centers across the nation be better equipped to handle big emotions, use and teach coping mechanisms, and keep classrooms engaging and fun in an individualized way that keeps all children wanting to learn. At Reshaping the Village, we want to see more special education professionals in centers. We want to make that the expectation, rather than a luxury. Let us help you add to your village.


Our Objectives

Objective 1:
Inclusive Classroom Environments

  • Provide information on how to keep special education children in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)

  • Provide techniques to assist in challenging behaviors and scenarios to keep children in the general education classroom

  • Provide examples of empathetic teaching practices that enforce kindness and compassion within social interactions in the classroom

Objective 2:
Teacher Training Program

  • Equip our teachers with resources to utilize within the classroom in order to support each and every child and their needs

  • Professional Development Opportunities for all teachers

  • Provide techniques to assist in challenging behaviors and scenarios to keep children in the general education classroom

Objective 3:
Continual Professional Development for Founders & Directors

  • Properly train our leadership team to stay up to date on best current practices

  • Attend conferences yearly on various relevant topics to further our own professional development

  • Ensure that all directors and team members are following the best practices and are providing children with the necessary resources in a respectful and equitable way

Objective 4:
State Support

  • Researching how to obtain state funding and support

  • Presenting to members of state legislature so they can understand why funding for special education is so crucial

  • Applying for and obtaining grants and other forms of support from state and, potentially, federal, legislators

  • Pushing the issue in congress, Harrisburg, etc. to get those involved with government to understand and care more about special education issues

Understanding Function of Behaviors


Classroom Management and Empathetic Teaching

Attend professional development conferences

Objective 5:
Relationships with Schools

  • Form relationships with local elementary schools through meetings and discussions, virtual and in person

  • Kindergarten readiness outreach program

  • Creating family and community connections based on resources provided from the schools

  • Working together with educators to create preparation plans for children transitioning from childcare to public school

Objective 6:
RBT Certified Paraprofessional

  • Provide teachers proper training to become RBT Certified

  • Supply continuing education and professional development opportunities to keep paraprofessionals on top of the most current DAP practices 

  • Keep paraprofessionals up to date on children’s IEP and support plans and provide them proper training and techniques to properly assist the children they are assigned

Objective 7:
In-house Therapy Team

  • Become IBHS certified to be able to build our own team

  • Recruit the best therapist and behavior technicians in the area to join us

  • Form a team to help us properly support students with exceptionalities

Objective 8:
Community & Parent Support

  • Create and market events and fundraisers to raise community support for our organization

  • Set goals for donations and continually provide opportunities to contribute and help with our purpose

  • Create ways for parents and the community to be directly involved in our goals


Cash Bash 
Fathers Day (Fathers only) Pirates Luxury Tickets 
Family Day at C&M Play Studio
Black Dog Event for Moms (Moms only)
Pirates Family Day
Pirates World Series Tickets
Fall Festival at C&M Play Studio
Montour Country Club Dinner
Pirates World Series Tickets
Pirates Home Plate Tickets (auction) 

Contact Us


Abby Hileman

Brittany 2.JPG

Brittany Maurizi

Director of Behavior Management

Kathryn 2.JPG

Kathryn Lucia

Trainer and Community Outreach Director


Jenna Sompel

Programs Director

My name is Abby Hileman and I am the founder of Reshaping the Village.  I have 17+ years experience in childcare, in a multitude of different early learning environments, making me very knowledgeable about child development.  Because of this, I have become very passionate about changing the way things are done in the early childhood field for the betterment of all children involved.  I would love to see each child be treated as an individual, unique person and get all of the support they need to be successful, both while in my center and in their community.  I want to see the field of special education take on a more prominent role and remove the stigma around receiving extra help.


Along with my education background, I also have a business degree from West Virginia University.  I have used this degree to build the very successful childcare center, C&M Play Studio, in Carnegie, PA.  I am excited to use it to benefit children once more.  My two children, Cam (7) and Madi (6), are the most important children in my life and they inspire me everyday to fight for those who might not be as lucky as they are.  Let our organization help you reshape your village today!  

My name is Brittany Maurizi and I am the Director of Behavior Management for Reshaping the Village.  I am a licensed behavior specialist and have been in the childcare field for 17+ years in a variety of roles, including a certified general education and special education teacher and was involved in early intervention support.  I have a vast knowledge of how special education services should work and have a passion for making sure each child gets what they need.  Some of my immediate goals at Reshaping the Village are to create IEPs and support plans for the children in our care and build an in-house IBHS team to help children with exceptionalities thrive while in our care.


One of the big goals of our organization is to see an in-house team in as many childcare centers as possible.  I can't wait to get started fundraising and creating awareness to make this dream a success!  With your help, we can get every child the extra support they deserve.  I look forward to helping you reshape your village! 

My name is Kathryn Lucia and I am the Trainer and Community Outreach Director at Reshaping the Village.  I started my journey in special education 7+ years ago when I joined the early education field.  I truly found a passion for helping children with exceptionalities through my work as an Education Supervisor at C&M Play Studio.  I have my Associates degree in early childhood education and development and am certified in infant mental health, both from CCAC.  I plan to return to PennWest California to pursue my Bachelor's degree in post secondary education and a Master's in special education so I can assist in writing IEPs and help our students continue to thrive.


I have a passion for teaching adults and caregivers in developmentally appropriate and empathy driven practices.  Helping adults learn can transcend generations!  As Training and Community Outreach Director, I plan to create programs and resources for families and educators to better understand children with special needs and how to set them up for success.  I look forward to helping you reshape your village!

My name is Jenna Sompel and I am the Events Director for Reshaping the Village.  I have been in the education field for 9+ years and have worked in different types of childcare settings, gaining experience with children between infancy and teenage years.  I have a knack for computer work and was quickly highlighted at C&M Play Studio to take on the role as their Marketing Director.  I am excited to bring my marketing skills and childcare experience together once more to create spectacular events for Reshaping the Village.


Marketing is a crucial part of our work through a non-profit; without community help, we aren't able to do what's most important: helping the children!  Not only am I in charge of making what we do appealing online, but I am also heavily involved in the daily tasks of our organization, including working directly with the children.  I can't wait for you to be a part of our events and experience all we have to offer.  I look forward to helping you reshape your village!

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