The gym has many different classes including gymnastics, yoga and fitness, dance, ball sports, music and more to get kids involved with physical activities.


This is a monthly membership so parents can bring children when it is convenient and so kids can try a variety of activities.


Become an unlimited class member to get priority sign up for preferred classes.

Gym Family Handbook


Unlimited Membership (all  children in same household included): $160/month

4 class per month: $70/month

Open Gyms: $10

*Parents must stay in the gym if we do not have completed DHS file for your child

**We offer our unlimited gym program to our daycare members for a low rate of $45/month for 1 child and $80/month for the family membership!  


Monday: 9 am Open Gym

               10am Music/Dance 2 yrs

               11 am Music/Dance babies

               12 pm Open Gym

               1 pm Music/Dance 1 yrs


Tuesday: 9am Music/Dance 3 yrs

                10am Music/Dance 4/5 yrs

                12 pm Open Gym

                1 pm Ball Sports 1 yrs

Wednesday: 9am Gymnastics 3 yrs

                     10am Gymnastics 4/5 yrs

                     11 am Gymnastics babies

                     1 pm Open Gym

Thursday: 9am Gymnastics 2 yrs

                  10-1045 am Yoga/Fitness 2/3 yrs

                  1045-1130 am Yoga/Fitness 4/5 yrs

                  12 pm Open Gym

                  1 pm Open Gym 

Friday:    9am Ball Sports 3 yrs

                10am Ball Sports 4/5 yrs

                11pm Ball Sports 2 yrs

                1 pm Gymnastics 1 yrs


Saturday: 9am Gymnastics 5+ yrs

                 10am Open Gym


Steps To Register:

1) Register in Procare - This can be done on the homepage of the website under "Click to Register". This is how we do all invoicing/payments.

2) Become a member on our website in the top right corner of the homepage. This is where you will be able to do bookings for classes, drop-in, birthdays and events. 

3) If you plan on leaving the gym and leaving your child in our care, you MUST do all the new member forms. These are also found on our homepage under "New Member Forms." We are a state regulated facility and these have to be filled out in their entirety.

Reminder: You may only do one consecutive class in a row. If more hours are needed, you must use drop in care.