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Student Support Resources


The C&M AHpproach Curriculum


Our curriculum focuses on social and emotional learning through teacher led and peer discussions during all activities by providing talking points for all activities.  We have divided our curriculum into four different, overlapping age groups to put developmental needs of the individual child at the forefront of our mission.


We have grouped our activities into categories that make using our activities easy to plug in to your existing schedule and daily routines, making lesson planning a breeze!  Our categories include: sensory, language, physical development, and small group activities.  We have also included a book and song list to make resources and ideas easily accessible.  Sign language is an important aspect of our curriculum, as well!  We have included the basic words a child will need to communicate effectively using this language to help open the door for those with special needs and help during times of big emotions.  This is the perfect, comprehensive curriculum solution for classrooms and families alike to keep learning accessible, affordable, and engaging!

Teacher Support Resources

Teacher Support Resources

After being open for almost three years now, we have created so many great systems here at C&M. These systems work wonders when done correctly, especially on those super off and crazy days! We have turned some of our systems into resources for any other center owner, or teacher that may just need a new idea! 


Extra Resources

Childcare Business Guides

Our coaching guides are designed and curated to fit your specific needs helping you save both time and money. This experience gives you the support you need from a successful entrepreneur who built a childcare business from the ground up, all during a pandemic. Each guide includes many resources that you can download and use, along with photos and even our stories! 

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