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Our Childcare Business Guides are designed and curated to fit your specific needs helping you save both time and money. This experience gives you the support you need from a successful entrepreneur who built a childcare business from the ground up. 

Childcare Resources 

Your Business Guide
Your Leadership Guide
Your Program Guide
Your Marketing Guide

Daily Lesson Plans
Monthly Activities Calendar
Milestones & Assessments
Family Handbook Employee Handbook
Parent-Teacher Conferences 


Treat yourself with a new classroom theme.

The classroom themes below are designed to help you create the classroom of your dreams, and create a welcoming space for your students. 

Each classroom page contains 100+ pages of everything you need for your classroom. Each label has an editable and noneditable version so that you can customize it however you'd like! 

These classroom themes are customizable using Powerpoint. 

Floral Classroom Theme
Groovy Classroom Theme
Muted Groovy Classroom Theme
Simply Spotted Classroom Theme
Under the Sea Classroom Theme
Modern Leopard Classroom Theme


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Social-Emotional Learning in children.

Over the course of the last two years, we have seen a significant decrease in social emotional learning in young children. 

Social Emotional Learning is the baseline for academic successes in development. The C&M AHpproach Curriculum for all ages includes a variety of lessons that have been created by our teachers. Each section has a large emphasis on Social Emotional Learning, and includes categories such as Song Lists, Book Lists, Transitions, Morning Meetings, Small Groups, Physical, Language, Sensory and so much more!

The C&M AHpproach Curriculum (All Ages)
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum Themed Lessons
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum Infants (0-15 months) 
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum Toddlers (12-30 months)
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum Preschool (2-4 years)
The C&M AHpproach Curriculum Pre-K (3.5-5 years) 

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