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Coffee for a Cause

This Month's Charity:

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C&M Play Studio is excited to announce that we will be donating to various charities each month! As a fun way to do this, we have partnered with Carnegie Coffee Company in order for parents to grab a cup of coffee on their way out and head to work! 

Community is so important to us so we wanted to support a local small business, while supporting charities that align with our values at the same time. 

About This Month's Charity:

Through the month of August, we are donating to a non-profit organization called the Homeless Children’s Education Fund. 

We take great care in choosing organizations that reflect who we are when picking the charities we will be donating to each month.  The Homeless Children’s Education Fund has values and goals that align well with ours here at C&M, especially being that they are so oriented to the community.  Their guiding principles are:


  • “All people have intrinsic value, unique gifts, and deserve respect.

  • Homelessness is a condition, not an identity.

  • Quality education is a civil right, which breaks the cycle of poverty and empowers youth to lead fulfilling lives.

  • Parents and families are critical partners in their children’s education.

  • Every community is responsible for eliminating homelessness.”

The charity has informed us that the best way we can support them is to purchase things off of their Amazon wishlist. Once received, we have a drop box in the front lobby for all items! 

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Carnegie Coffee Company

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We are using Carnegie Coffee Company's Lavazza Espresso, the #1 selling coffee in Italy! Lavazza has been the world leader in quality espresso and we cannot wait for our families to try it! 

All we ask is that you drop a $1 donation into our drop box, unless you're feeling generous! We are so excited to partner with this local company to give back to our community and spread some good for those in need. 

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Mom Prom Event


We are hosting a Mom Prom charity event in October! This event is for women to attend and amplify advocacy of women’s mental health. The charity we are sponsoring is Seek Her Foundation, a foundation that empowers all women. Read more about Seek Her Foundation below. 

Mom Prom will be held at Cefalo's Banquet and Event Center on Saturday, October 8th, 2022 from 6pm-11pm. 

This event is 90's theme! So grab that old prom dress in the back of your closet for one last dance! 

Mom Prom
Mom Prom
Oct 08, 2022, 6:00 PM
Join us in advocating for women's mental health through Seek Her Foundation during our event! Your ticket includes: - A free drink - Dinner - Female Entrepreneur Presentation - Dancing - Mingling
Reaching Out

About Seek Her Foundation

Seek Her Foundation was created by Monica Mo, who suffered from mental breakdowns, panic attacks, anxiety and depression that resulted from a traumatic event. 

Monica created Seek Her Foundation as, "a symbolic place for me to stand in solidarity with all the women who felt the weight of it all on their shoulders and came out on the other side with a renewed sense of hope.⁠"

Seek Her Foundation focuses to advocate for women's mental health, body and beauty standards, societal pressures, diversity and inclusion, motherhood and more. 

Their mission is “to bridge the gender gap of mental health through advocacy, research, and support for emerging leaders who are impacting change in their local communities and beyond.” 


Become a sponsor! 

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