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In 2020, I opened C&M Play Studio, a 10,000 sq foot childcare facility that quickly expanded to a 13,000 sq ft facility with around 200 children. Soon, we will have a separate Preschool, C&M Prep, which will give me a total of 20,000 sq ft childcare center with around 400 students. 

As you can imagine, with that many children, families and staff, it can be incredibly stressful but also SO much fun. Creating this community took 3 years of research, hard work, and obstacles. This is where I will share my journey; the ups and downs as a female entrepreneur. 

I use my experiences, mistakes, and successes as a business owner for my newest company, AHpproach Consulting. We will help other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams without the mistakes that we made. 


Welcome to the story of C&M. 

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